What Paint Should You Use on the Exterior of Your Home?

Painting houses in the Pacific Northwest that can handle the weather of the Pacific Northwest requires people who know the Pacific Northwest.

And in the Pacific Northwest we know rain.

Painting in the Pacific Northwest 

We know the misty rain. We know the drizzly rain. We know the torrential rain. And, at ProEnd Painting, we know that it all takes a toll on the exterior of your home.

But we also know that all of that moisture, all of the shade from all of the beautiful trees --along with the occasional sunshine-- causes mold, mildew growth, and rot than can also damage a Pacific Northwest home.  

That's why we help educate and advise our customers in choosing the best paint for the demands of the Pacific Northwest.

Helping Protect Your Home

In previous posts, we've explained the fundamental nature of paint as a protectant and how painting sheen plays an important role in paint's protecting qualities. Understanding these facets helps us to then encourage our customers to choose a higher sheen paint (like a satin) that is applied with the proper skill so that a home is both protected and looks great! 

Don't Get Left Flat! 

But not every painter takes this same approach. Lower sheen paints are sometimes used to hide a painter's lack of skill and ability. If a painter is a novice with a paint sprayer, a higher sheen paint will often expose this by showing overlap, flashing, and other mistakes made by the painter. This is why some painters will use a flat paint without ever informing the customer of this choice.

And the paint job will look good,... for a season.

However, over the longterm, it won't hold up to the demands of our Northwest weather. The lower sheen paint is not designed to protect against the assault of rain, moisture, and sun. You'll get a decent paint job, but it will be short lived.  

Hiring the Pros! 

The much better option is to hire a professional painting company that employs skilled painters. At ProEnd Painting, we know how to properly apply all kinds of paint in all kinds of situations. When we send a team to paint your home, we only use premium quality paint, in the proper sheen, applied by someone who has been painting houses for years. There are no rookies on our sprayers, and no shortcuts taken when it comes to your home!

As a company, we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellence, our repeat customers, and our guarantee that our work will be long-lasting quality every time.

So, if you live in the Pacific Northwest and you want your home's paint to stand up to the demands of this region, hire professionals who know how to paint for the Pacific Northwest. 
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