Why Refinish Your Cabinets?

There they are. Each and every time you reach for a glass, or a plate, or that box of cereal, you see your kitchen cabinets staring you in the face.

And maybe they feel a bit dated. Maybe they're showing their wear and tear. Maybe you've been thinking about refinishing them, with a fresh color and new hardware. Maybe you've been thinking about it for years.

But is it something that you can just grab a gallon of paint, some sandpaper, and start on yourself?  

An Art and a Science 

Refinishing cabinets is actually one of the more challenging aspects of residential painting. There's a clear art and science to getting your cabinets to look just right. Painters can work for years, painting interiors and exteriors of both residential and commercial buildings, and still feel like an absolute novice when it comes to cabinet work.

And part of the reason for that is the science of it. Properly refinishing cabinets involves multiple, intricate steps. From labeling and removing the doors and drawers, to hitting the cabinets with several rounds of sanding (using different grit of sand paper at different steps in the process), to cleaning them with denatured alcohol, and then painting them with just the right products, it's a lot more than "Just grab a brush and paint!" 

And it also requires being very particular about where you do all of this detailed work. When painting cabinets, it's extremely important to make sure the environment is controlled and the temperature is just right.
However, the most challenging aspect of refinishing cabinets is the art of it. Doing it right requires a painter with an extremely steady hand, an unflinching attention to detail, and a willingness to patiently spend the time to get every step of the process just right. Not every professional painter can refinish cabinets. And very few DIYers should even attempt it. 

A Product Worth the Price

This is why, at ProEnd Painting, we pride ourselves on cabinetry work! We know the challenges and embrace the opportunities. We have painters who understand the science and display the artistry necessary to do professional quality cabinet refinishing.

We also have a heated and controlled environment used specifically for painting cabinets. We use the best products, and continue to put out an exemplary finished result for all of our customers.

So, if you're thinking about refinishing your cabinets, know that it's not as simple as repainting a bedroom, or even the kitchen walls around your cabinets. Cabinet refinishing is an artisan skill. But once you see the results of our skills in your own home, you'll realize that refinished cabinets is a product well worth it's price.