Why Repaint Your Home?

Here you are, out on the world-wide-web, doing your research. You're thinking about calling a professional painting company-- maybe ProEnd-- and getting a quote on repainting part --or maybe all-- of your home.

But why repaint your home in the first place?

A Fundamental Question

That's actually the first question you, as a customer, should look to answer.

Do you feel like "It's just time"? Does your home's style feel dated? Or are you worried that the fading or failing paint could open the door for other issues?

Why repaint your home?

Why Do We Paint Anything? 

In order to help you answer that question, we should probably answer why we, as a culture, choose to paint our homes in the first place. Why not just leave the siding, the ceilings, or the trim bare? Why take the time-- and spend the money-- to cover it all with paint?

The answer is actually simple: paint is the least expensive way to both protect and beautify your home.

An Essential Protector

First, we paint because it protects the surfaces in your home. Paint protects your siding from the wear and tear of our relentless Pacific Northwest weather. Paint protects your walls and your cabinets from all of the daily touching, spills, and traffic they encounter. Paint protects you, as an owner, from the costly repairs your home would otherwise need if left unprotected from exposure to sun, dirt, water, or your kid's PB&J.  

However, in order to make sure that your home is truly protected, you need the right type of paint to protect the right surface. Thankfully, professional painting companies like ProEnd know what paint works best with what surface in order to make sure that your home is truly protected. (And in a later blog post, we'll explore some of those different products.)

The Reason We All Think Of

The wonderful thing about paint, though, is that it's not just an affordable protectant. It's also a great way to beautify and update your home's style. Any color, hue, or shade you can think of-- there's a paint company that sells it! (Click on this link and this one to find some great examples of the variety of colors available.)

And with color matching technology, modern paint stores don't have to rely upon their in-store options or your imagination; just get them a sample and they'll expertly match it.

New paint can return an older home to it's former glory, make a worn-out home look brand new, or help your newly purchased home better reflect your personal style. Fresh paint is a great and affordable way to radically update your home!  
And that's how we answer this most fundamental question. We repaint our homes because we want to both protect and beautify one of our most important investment, keeping it looking great and feeling sound!

If this is what your home needs, and you'd like a free, in-person estimate, just click the link below and we'll get contact you right away!