Why Choose ProEnd?

You’ve just received your painting estimate. Maybe it’s the price you were expecting to pay. Maybe it’s a bit more. Maybe it feels like a lot more.

So, why not just do it yourself? Why choose to use a professional painting company?

In our previous post, we gave you three key reasons you might want to consider hiring a professional painting company. However, with all of the painting companies out there, why go with ProEnd?

1. A Local Company with Local Experience

ProEnd Painting exemplifies the reasons we listed in the previous post, and more! With ProEnd, you get a local company with decades of local experience. We know the Northwest and how to paint homes in the Northwest. We understand the weather, the seasons, and the variety of building styles used in our community.

2. A Professional Team, Start to Finish!

With ProEnd, you also get an expert team from start to finish. All of our staff --from our estimators, to our project managers, to our billing department-- are professional, courteous, and truly want the best for our customers. When you hire ProEnd, you hire a professional team from start to finish.

3. A Competitive Price in a Growing Market

With ProEnd Painting, you get a competitive price in a growing market. Every day in the Puget Sound prices continue to rise. As a company, we deal with this everyday. But we know you’re dealing with it too. We know life constantly feels like it’s costing more and more. So, we work hard to keep our prices down and give you the most for your money.
ProEnd is truly an exemplary painting company, and you’ll be happy that you hired us.

However, don’t just take our word for it. See for yourself. Look us up on Google, Yelp, or Angie's List and read our reviews. Check out our amazing pics posted on this website. Click over to Facebook or Instagram, and see what our past customers are saying.

We are professionals, start to finish, and our reputation speaks for itself.